A couple of days ago I wrote that I’m coming back to revive this blog, with several new posts already queued up for publishing. During those days I’ve come to a conclusion that this is not the way for me to go.

See, this blog – The Only Right Medicine, which was supposed to be it’s Rule Number One of “No Complaining”, was set up eight years ago. By a completely different person. Eight years is a long time, you can change all over and become someone else entirely three to four times during such a period. No atom my your body is the same as it was when I last truly posted here.

Looking at what I wrote here those 7-8 years ago after reading, re-reading and proofreading those upcoming posts made me realize that they don’t belong here. What is here was written by a different person. I’m not that person anymore. My new self belongs somewhere else.

It’s time for this blog to end.

That’s why I’m moving somewhere else. I’m taking the new posts, plus some of the fresh ones from earlier this year with me (they also belong somewhere else) and you can find me from now on here:


See you there!


A quickie: the appearance changed a bit, stuff that was stale got updated, that subtitle at the top changed from “No Complaining” to “Always Assume Best Intentions”, because this is something I found recently to be a proper Rule Number One. Expect something on that soon.

Expect some new posts soon in general. And a new category: Parenting. I think the reason for this is obvious if you look at the header picture :)

Feels good to be back.

Also, for over a year now I publish a quasi-review of every movie I see on Letterboxd, the best movie portal imaginable (and the best designed website ever). From now on I will be also publishing them here, but in the meantime – enjoy the past.


In which we’ve arrived in the movie music territory.

15. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, “City of Stars” (2016)

While I hated (well, not as much “hated” as was utterly unimpressed by) “Bla Bla Bland”, I have to admit this is a really nice song that deserved the Oscar it’s got. Much more than the movie istelf deserves all the attention.

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We’re done with Kate Bush already? I think so. Are we done with catching up with old music of known artists? Not so much…

10. The Legendary Pink Dots, “The Heretic” (1985)

Besides Kate, 2017 was also the year of filling some gaps in my knowledge of this one of a kind psychedelic band and their extremely wide output. I didn’t listen to EVERYTHING, because I can’t believe it’s possible in one lifetime to listen to all Edward Ka-Spel ever released (the sheer volume of LPD’s discography – available in its entirety both on Spotify and Bandcamp – makes my head hurt), but also because I limited myself to only major releases in chronological order… and I arrived at 1984’s “The Lovers” pretty quickly and just stayed there.

The whole album is very good, which is something of note because The Dots are known for their uneven releases (not many of their albums are digestable in their entirety, mostly it’s one-two good songs among some terrible musical gibberish). And from it “The Heretic” is arguably the most memorable, but by far not the only good song – “Jungle” or “Flowers for the Silverman” are just as good.

It’s good to know the Dots have more pearls that can be found in their vast junkyard of a discography. Continue Reading »


Inspired by the very good documentary I found on YouTube I decided to check out the rest of Kate Bush’s discography, previously being thoroughly familiar with only her two most acclaimed albums, “The Dreaming” (a collection of ten fantastic songs on big variety of topics) and “Hounds of Love”, the first half of which is five hit songs ranging from good to amazing, and the second is “The Ninth Wave”, a true masterpiece concept suite consisting of seven songs and telling a gut wrenching story about a woman washed over and left alone in the night, and her sheer determination to survive, just her, the sea and her thoughts (oh, shit, I have JUST learned that “The Ninth Wave” is also a painting!)

So now I’m familiar with the entirety of This Woman’s Work (a gratuitous Kate Bush song reference here) and I can’t think of another artist I know who achieved a comparable level of flawlessness – there isn’t a SINGLE SONG on ANY OF HER TEN ALBUMS that I wouldn’t like. Not even a single song that would not resonate with me. She is just amazing in how she can make every piece compelling. Continue Reading »

music2017-1I want to go back to writing here and what better time to start than the beginning of the year, the time of resolutions and new beginnings? And what better topic that summaries of the year that’s now gone?

The last time I made a musical summary of a year was six years ago and I have to really keep myself from telling you all the great music from that whole period… But I will have to start with some pieces from 2016 too, because they were prevalent and listened to very often in 2017 as well.

1. Abney Park, “The End of Days” (2010)

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Lindsey in Warsaw

I saw Lindsey Stirling live in Torwar arena in Warsaw.

I’ve been to other shows before. I saw U2 on the stadium in Chorzów at their 360 Tour. I saw eight hours long concert of four more or less progressive bands, culminating on a recorded on DVD show by the band Arena. I saw The Legendary Pink Dots twice and Pendragon thrice, including a 30th Anniversary show in Śląski Theathre, also recorded on DVD. Finally, I saw Roger Waters and his The Wall on National Stadium in Warsaw. So, what could a modest, 28-years old violin-playing Mormon girl give me?

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