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The news about my company sending me to the States were, unfortunalety, only an April Fool’s joke. I regret to inform you that so far I’m not being sent there, as much as I would love the idea.

Surprisingly many people fell for it. More surprisingly – my fiancee wasn’t one of them. As she put it, after last year’s April Fool’s Joke (when I told her I flunked out of my University) she was prepared and saw through that right away.

But what moved me deeply in the whole situation was how many people were genuinely happy about the news, and congratulated me very seriously, and it makes this admittance even more hard – seriously, guys, the flood of warm thoughts from you all makes me want to go to my manager and beg him on my knees to let me go to Texas just to make those fake news real. Thank you all very much! :)

I hope someday (NOT some April 1st) I’ll share such news with you with all seriousness!

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I changed the photo in the header.

What was there before was a beautiful picture of some misty bridge over a stream in some garden – a default picture for this blog’s theme, and while I liked it and felt it matches the overall visual palette, I realized that since it is my blog, maybe I should replace it with some photo of mine.

Especially that I have quite a few photos similar in atmosphere to that one, which I brought from Sweden, where I visited my friend Lucy at the end of October. They were taken in three picturesque towns of Malmö, Lund and Ystad and you can see them in my web album.

Right now I have chosen one of them to put in the blog’s header, but I have selected some more and keep them waiting for their turn – I’m planning to change the picture every month or so.

For now, you can admire the bridge connecting Malmö’s Slottsparken and Kungsparken :) More are to come in the future.

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