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La Melena

La Melena

Ok, maybe not “The Happiest Day of my Life”, but most certainly one of such – I didn’t have that many small but great things happening to me in one day in a long time, and that’s why I’m smiling wide all since this morning.

First of all, I finally registered my new car, which I bought from my sister about a month ago. Now it’s legally mine (well, 10% of it, to be exact, but it’s me who drives it and it’s my house it stands in front of). My cute white Fiat Panda :)

After the registration I went to work and learned that my friend from my previous company got a job in my new company! That’s great news, especially since she was certain it wouldn’t happen, because the competition was very tough, but I was sure she’ll make it – and she did! Way to go, Ola, can’t wait to have you here!

But the greatest thing that happened today was a message I got from Karolina “La Melena”, a flamenco dancer from the group La Pasion whom I admire greatly. And not only was this message from her to me personally, but also – it was about Toastmasters! Wonders never cease…

And that’s still not everything! Today I wrote my first (of many, hopefully) work of microprose, or “twitter novel“, or “nano fiction“, how some call it. It was inspired by Patryk’s answer to a table topic question on yesterday’s Toastmasters meeting. It goes:

I travelled to the 22nd century for a cure for cancer. They told me they have it since some guy took it from thin air some 100 years before.

Exactly 140 characters.

And it all happened before 11 AM! What a day!

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