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A couple of days ago I wrote that I’m coming back to revive this blog, with several new posts already queued up for publishing. During those days I’ve come to a conclusion that this is not the way for me to go.

See, this blog – The Only Right Medicine, which was supposed to be it’s Rule Number One of “No Complaining”, was set up eight years ago. By a completely different person. Eight years is a long time, you can change all over and become someone else entirely three to four times during such a period. No atom my your body is the same as it was when I last truly posted here.

Looking at what I wrote here those 7-8 years ago after reading, re-reading and proofreading those upcoming posts made me realize that they don’t belong here. What is here was written by a different person. I’m not that person anymore. My new self belongs somewhere else.

It’s time for this blog to end.

That’s why I’m moving somewhere else. I’m taking the new posts, plus some of the fresh ones from earlier this year with me (they also belong somewhere else) and you can find me from now on here:


See you there!


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A quickie: the appearance changed a bit, stuff that was stale got updated, that subtitle at the top changed from “No Complaining” to “Always Assume Best Intentions”, because this is something I found recently to be a proper Rule Number One. Expect something on that soon.

Expect some new posts soon in general. And a new category: Parenting. I think the reason for this is obvious if you look at the header picture :)

Feels good to be back.

Also, for over a year now I publish a quasi-review of every movie I see on Letterboxd, the best movie portal imaginable (and the best designed website ever). From now on I will be also publishing them here, but in the meantime – enjoy the past.

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