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My Little Person

Two weeks ago I became an uncle.

While “uncle” is a very broad term and can mean a lot of thing, from family friend to some distant relative, and in some of those meanings I already am an uncle to some little people in this world, on May 1ts I have become the Uncle in this one, original meaning.

We were just visiting Wrocław, beautiful city in the West of Poland. I was there for the first time, accompanied by my fiancee and friends, Ewa and Patryk. We were enjoying a very pictoresque bridge in the botanical garden, I have just taken this picture:

Ania in botanical garden in Wrocław

when I got the text from my just-born nephew, saying that he’s name is Patryk, he just (5:54 PM) came to this world and is a beautiful (picture below), healthy (10/10) little (2.8 kg) boy.

The first of May, which in Poland is Labour Day (meaning that Patryk will surely be a hard-working man), is also great date to be born at – I know several people born on May 1st and all of them are great.

Of course, we all went celebrating that evening,

Happy birthday, Patryk!

and a week later, when I traveled to Warsaw for a Toastmasters conference, the new parents accomodated me for the weekend and I could see my first nephew with my own eyes.

Hey, big guy!

Congratulations, Maja and Irek! :)

"New mama's got a son in her eyes..."

And as always in such situations, a song comes to mind…

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