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Late President Kaczynski with his Wife, Maria

Late President Kaczynski with his Wife, Maria

The plot of the video game “Deus eX” starts on the Liberty Island, at feet of the Statue of Liberty with her head and the torch-welding hand severed. Also notable is the lack of World Trade Center towers in the New York skyline. The game designers explained it by memory constraints, but the writers added an explaination – just as the Statue was destroyed by a terrorist attack, so were the Two Towers.

The game was released in 2000, about a year before 9/11. The developers felt really stupid afterwards.

In 2005 we all heard jokes about how Poland is the only country in the world with a spare copy of the President. I was one of them laughing and re-telling this joke. Now I feel really, really stupid. I think – I hope, really – many of us do.


Alan Alda said that comedy equals tragedy plus time. After 9/11 – the events all the world took part in, even if just through the TV screens – I heard first jokes about it just three days later. Now, several comments came to my mind very soon after I heard the news, but they weren’t at all humorous, more ironic. And not funny ironic, either – if there was laughter, it was always dull and painful.

Looks like Komorowski became president sooner than he thought.

Looks like our leaders won’t be arguing about a place on a government plane for some time now.

Looks like the forest of Katyn will drink even more of Polish blood, exactly 70 years later.

Looks like some people got their much awaited replacement of elites.

Is it good or bad, all I could think was what Switch said in “The Matrix”, just before Cypher pulled a plug on her: “Not like this.” If there will be some positive outcome of Saturday’s tragedy, I can’t help but think the price was just too high.


But it happened. After denial and grief there always comes acceptance. Mine came quite quickly, although it doesn’t cancel the grief at all. I just hope, and hope very strongly, that despite what all cynics say, we as a country, as a nation – hell, as a whole civilization – won’t let all that go to waste. After Pope’s death five years (and five days – another damned irony) before, miracles happened – all nation, despite any differences or antagonisms, was joined in mourning, but what happened now is much, much bigger. After all, then it was one person – great, of course, but still one person, aged and ill, so the whole world was basically waiting for the worst to happen. Saturday’s tragedy came from nowhere and just hit us in the head without warning, without precedence, taking not one, but almost a hundred people we all knew. Some of them we liked, some not much, but it doesn’t matter now – nobody deserves such end.

Five years ago the miracles came and gone. I hope now something any change that comes will stay. I hope Saturday’s tragedy will bring something good to all of us.

I beg of you, people of Poland, let’s not let it go to waste.

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